Pocket has been down for hours and people are starting to panic

Pocket has been down for hours and people are starting to panic

The popular ‘read later’ platform Pocket has been down for 15 20 hours after what its engineers say was a “syncing error” occurred during an upgrade of the site’s code.

The company’s official statement was: “This afternoon, we were deploying new code to the site. During this process a syncing error occurred, which required us to re-run our syncing process from earlier in the day. This took a significantly longer time than we expected.”

And despite an update declaring everything was under control and the service would be opening up again four hours ago, a large number of people are still reporting that it’s down.


And they are starting to freak out…


Here’s to hoping it’s back up and running in time for the Friday afternoon tab dump…

Update 18:32 GMT:

The service is still experiencing issues and reports of it being down are still coming in from users. Pocket says it is continuing its work to get all of the features back up.

Update 18:55 GMT:

A Pocket representative has told TNW: “Pocket is largely back online and users can now save and access their Lists. We’re now working to bring back a few remaining features.”

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