Smart thermostat Tado adds multi-room hardware, gets IFTTT channel

Smart thermostat Tado adds multi-room hardware, gets IFTTT channel

Tado’s smart thermostat, from a European company that competes with Nest, is today getting new hardware that brings multi-room support to the thermostat and allows it to control individual radiators.

First, the system now supports an additional smart thermostat so individual floors or rooms can be controlled independently. It’s much the same as the original thermostat, but provides another spot for controlling it in your home. Additional thermostats will cost £179 (€199) outright or can be rented for £6.99 (€7.99) per month.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.11.44 AM
Tado’s smart devices

The more interesting part is a new smart radiator valve, which directly replaces the old valves on your home’s radiators so Tado can control them individually. That won’t be available until Q3 2016, but Tado is running a beta program for users to test it out early.

IMG_1130Tado is also launching its IFTTT channels today (the link is still pending approval), after announcing it earlier in the year. You’ll be able to use the geolocation features of the thermostat to do things like activate your home alarm when you leave or turn on the lights when you’re on the way home.

I’ve got one of Tado’s early devices in my apartment and love it — being able to control the thermostat via an app is handy and the geolocation features mean I rarely need to actually touch it. We picked it over the Nest as Tado supports furnace modulation support, which can save on the utility bill.

The only thing I’m hanging out for now is HomeKit support which is being worked on, so it can be controlled via Siri.

Tado’s system starts at €249 for a single thermostat and is fairly easy to set up on your own.


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