Play20Back surfaces videos from 20 years ago (and all the feels that come with them)

Play20Back surfaces videos from 20 years ago (and all the feels that come with them)

Do you remember Take That? Hell, do you even remember Robbie Williams? I’m sure our readers in the UK who are of a certain age do, but many others (like me) may have let the 90’s slip their minds. Play20Back won’t let you forget, though; it surfaces videos from exactly 20 years ago today.

Grab your Z Cavaricci pants and silk shirts, gents; ladies, you’ll want to dig that babydoll dress out of storage — it’s about to get real.

There’s no stopping Play20Back, and I’m not sure you can even contain it (that’s a mid-90s SportsCenter reference, of course). All you can do is watch, and skip videos you really don’t like. It’s an endless loop of nostalgia, all from the 90s, all via YouTube.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 11.00.47 AM

Skipping songs is handy. Maybe the song playing reminds you of an old flame, or the low-res imagery makes you nauseous. Perhaps you just don’t understand what is even happening (seriously, why was Alanis Morissette screaming into a suitcase?)

As for me, I log in and see stupid Robbie Williams with his lame buzzcut and long sideburns feigning interest at being in a boy band before he had enough and sang Millenium, solo. Then I thought about One Direction; is Zayn just Robbie for a new generation? History, like terrible 90’s videos, repeats.

Note: I didn’t skip past Take That. I don’t have an answer for why.

I’ll shut up so you can watch videos, now. If your boss gets mad you’re not productive over the next few days, my email is [email protected]. Have them email me; I’ll fall on my sword for you this time.

➤ Play20Back

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