Twitter is heavily male and white, but it has a plan to change all of that

Twitter is heavily male and white, but it has a plan to change all of that

Twitter has released its diversity numbers, and the company is unsurprisingly skewed toward white males.

Overall, Twitter is 66 percent male, and 59 percent white. In tech, the number of males skyrockets to 87 percent, but the percentage of white dips slightly to 56 percent.

In non-tech, Twitter is split evenly along gender lines, but still 62 percent white. Leadership — like tech — is mostly white dudes; 78 percent male, 72 percent white.


Like we saw from Pinterest, Twitter is laying out a roadmap for diversity. By the end of 2016, the company wants its number of females to be 35 percent overall (globally), with an increase in tech to 16 percent. It also wants leadership to be 25 percent women.

In the US, Twitter wants to increase its number of “underrepresented minorities” (which we assume means not white or asian) to 11 percent overall, and 9 percent in tech. Those minority roles will also — hopefully — see 6 percent of the leadership roles, according to Twitter.

Compared to its diversity report from last year, Twitter has seen some improvements. It has 4 percent less males overall, and 3 percent more women in tech. It’s ethnicity numbers are less impressive; while tech has 2 percent less whites, non-tech has 2 percent more white employees. The overall and leadership numbers didn’t budge when it came to ethnicity numbers.

We’re committing to a more diverse Twitter [Twitter]

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