Twitter’s Flight developer conference is now open for registration

Twitter’s Flight developer conference is now open for registration

Registration for Flight, Twitter’s annual developer’s conference, is now open. The one-day event will take place on October 21 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

In addition to being able to register, developers are also able to see what sessions Twitter has in store for us. After a two-hour keynote (from 10am to noon) and lunch, breakout discussions will take place from 1:30 onward.

While some of the events are listed as ‘secret,’ we still get a glimpse at topics Twitter sees as important for developers. “A Week in the Life of a Fabric Developer” walks you through the ways Fabric can help you or your team day-to-day, while the Lightning Theater will have a series of 15-minute chats like “Building the Digits SDK.”

There are three secret sessions in the Main Hall throughout the day, and Flight’s mobile track finishes with a session from a secret speaker. The Lighting theater also has a mysterious session just ahead of mobile’s secret event, and we’re wondering if a new CEO will make an appearance.

You can request your ticket via the Flight website; if you’re one of the lucky ones who gets an invitation, tickets are $140 apiece.

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