Facebook just added photo filters, stickers and more on the Web

Facebook just added photo filters, stickers and more on the Web

Earlier this year Facebook allowed you to add filters, stickers and text to photos when uploading via your phone and now it’s quietly added those features to the Web too.

Oh look, photo editing!

If you’re uploading a picture on Facebook’s main site you’ll now see a paint brush in addition to photo tagging if you hover over it. Clicking the paint brush opens an edit overlay full of new options.

From there you can add one of six filters to your photo, crop it, add text or slather it with stickers, just like in the iOS and Android apps.

Adding filters to a photo on the Web

All your stickers from mobile are synced across and the feature functions in largely the same way as you’d expect.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 12.52.03 PM
Adding annotations to my lovely photo

The interface is fairly basic, but it’s good to see Facebook bringing some of its mobile-only features to the Web even if almost half of users now only access the site from a phone.

It appears the feature is available for most people, though it’s still rolling out. To try it, just upload a photo, hover over it when it’s ready and click the paint brush.

Feature image credit: nevodka / Shutterstock.com

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