Pocket adds a ‘Recommendations’ feature to help curate quality reading material

Pocket adds a ‘Recommendations’ feature to help curate quality reading material

Pocket, the service for those who want to save an interesting article for later, will now start seeing recommended content in-app and online.

The new ‘Recommended’ tab is included in Pocket 6.0, which has rolled out for Android, iOS and the Web. It uses the content you’ve got saved in your Pocket account, and suggests further reading based on your interests:

Training for a half-marathon? The more you save about running, the more likely it is you’ll start seeing high-quality running content to help you get ready for your race.

The content is sourced from Pocket users; if you are saving articles about running, others are likely doing the same. Pocket’s Recommendations is like a secret Santa for reading material, as you’ll never know who originally saved that article you’re about to read.


If you don’t like what’s being shown, Pocket lets you choose to have less of that type of content shown to you by tapping the ‘X’ on an article.

For now, the feature is English-only, with support for other languages coming soon.

Introducing Recommendations: The Most Interesting Articles and Videos You Might Have Missed [Pocket]

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