AppCode 3.2 is out with better support for Swift

AppCode 3.2 is out with better support for Swift

Not a big fan of Xcode? I don’t blame you. A great alternative, AppCode, has been updated to version 3.2, bringing in a lot of Swift.

Like most things iOS development, the new AppCode pivots around Swift throughout. JetBrains says String interpolation is now handled correctly, and custom Swift frameworks will now resolve correctly.

Code completion, navigation and refactoring are also better, and support code that uses a mixture of Objective C and Swift. There’s even a new debugger for Swift in AppCode 3.2!

JetBrains has also moved the UI designer out of AppCode, making it an optional plugin.

AppCode 3.2 officially supports Xcode 6.4. If you’re wondering why it isn’t able to work with Xcode 7.0 (and Swift 2.0), JetBrains explains it was caught off-guard by Swift 2.0, and decided it was best to complete what was already in the pipeline before moving on.

Happily, support for both Xcode 7.0 and Swift 2.0 are already in progress.

Welcome AppCode 3.2 release! [JetBrains]

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