Uber and Lyft can now apply for permits to operate at LAX

Uber and Lyft can now apply for permits to operate at LAX

Next time you need a lift from LAX, you may be able to get Uber or Lyft to pick you up. According to The Los Angeles Times, the City Council approved a policy allowing the two companies to apply for permits to operate at the airport.

Background checks seem to be the reason neither company is currently allowed to pick up or drop off riders at LAX. In addition to allowing Uber and Lyft to apply for permits, the City Council will also ask the California Public Utilities Commission to add fingerprinting to all background checks.

Both companies also have to make sure their service can provide information the city may ask for, like how often a driver makes trips to the airport or how many cars are in the terminal area.

If the process goes smoothly, both companies may be operational at LAX in a few weeks time.

Los Angeles lawmakers approve plan that would allow Uber and Lyft pickups at LAX [The LA Times]

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