‘Add to Slack’ button will help you share with your team from any app

‘Add to Slack’ button will help you share with your team from any app

Slack is making it easier to share with your friends. A new ‘Add to Slack’ button can now be added to just about any app, which lets you share to a Slack channel of your choosing.

There are already plenty of services that integrate with Slack, but Add to Slack is a bit different. It’s like Pinterest’s ‘Pin It’ button; when you click Slack’s new button, it shares to the channel of your choice. There’s no fussy integrations you need to ask an administrator to make, and a developer doesn’t need to handle webhooks.


At launch, Slack has a few partners like Twitter hypebeasting service Nuzzel and prototyping tool InVision. Cloud storage solution Box is also on board, letting you quickly share files to colleagues.

The downside? It seems you can only integrate one channel on a single team with Add to Slack, making it far too singular for many uses. Still, if you’ve got an internal channel dedicated to something you’re using a standalone app for, the button will come in pretty handy.

Update 8/26/15: If you’re part of a small team using Slack’s free tier, you’re in for a little treat. Slack will know allow you to use up to ten integrations instead of the previous five.

That’s still a lot less than the unlimited integrations on any of the paid tiers, but we’re sure many small groups will appreciate the added functionality.

Just Press ‘Add to Slack’ [Slack]

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