Flipboard introduces GIF-like looping video ads for brands

Flipboard introduces GIF-like looping video ads for brands

Ads on Flipboard are about to become more powerful: brands can now submit looping video commercials.

VentureBeat reports that the ads will autoplay silently as you scroll through your news, as is commonplace on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. One unique aspect, however is a feature called Cinema Loops, which are basically short repeating sections of the video.

These loops can be three to eight seconds long, and are designed to get people to click through to watch the full ad.

Flipboard first introduced video ads last September after partnering with a few brands like Gucci and Sony Pictures. These were different, however, in that they were full-length videos you had to click to play.

Of course, video ads aren’t very useful if people don’t actually watch them, so the new ad format is meant to be more attention grabbing. They look like video GIFs, and if the short loop catches your eye, you can then click through to watch the full thing.

Cinema Loops are rolling out Flipboard’s mobile apps first, but it will extend to other platforms in the coming weeks.

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