RIP Blingee, the pioneer of the sparkly GIF

RIP Blingee, the pioneer of the sparkly GIF

Like MIDI music on your website, customizable cursors and the Top 8, it’s time to bid farewell to another casualty from Internet 1.0.

Blingee, the customizable GIF maker, library and community, announced yesterday that it will be shuttering its glittery doors on August 25th. Users of the site are encouraged to download their libraries to save the last vestiges of the platform’s existence.

Blingee started in 2006 and rode the wave of Myspace popularity to become the Internet’s premier place to turn static photos into seizure-inducing GIFs.

Whether your tastes were blooming roses or Snoop Dogg dancing, Blingee offered a drag-and-drop interface to customize your photo will all manner of random animated magic.

According to the post, users made more than 130 million Blingees over the nine years of its existence.

But, sadly, the time was up for the Internet relic. So in tribute, I give you this:


Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna go mourn on Doll Palace and Badass Buddy.


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