Comcast may challenge YouTube and Facebook with new on demand service

Comcast may challenge YouTube and Facebook with new on demand service

A new report suggests Comcast is preparing a new video platform to take on YouTube with help from large media companies like Vox and Buzzfeed.

Codenamed ‘Watchable,’ Comcast’s venture will bring unlicensed, original content that can be streamed on demand. The content will reportedly be curated for TV audiences, but will likely make its way to iOS and Android as well.

There’s no word if Comcast is looking to make Watchable part of its existing mobile apps, or if there will be a new app for you to download. Watchable is said to be coming in the next few weeks, but will be limited to Xfinity, Comcast’s set-top box that has DVR functionality.

Partners who provide content for this new service won’t be paid upfront — Comcast is believed to be cutting them in on ad revenue instead. Deals are also said to be non-exclusive, so if ESPN were to post a video to Watchable, it could also hit Facebook or YouTube as well.

Comcast is about to launch a major video platform called Watchable to rival Facebook and Google [Business Insider]

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