You can now reserve (but not pay for) the ‘liquid-metal’ Turing Phone

You can now reserve (but not pay for) the ‘liquid-metal’ Turing Phone

The Turing Phone made headlines when it was announced back in April thanks to its eccentric design, ‘liquid metal’ construction and high-security premise. You can now put in a reservation to make sure you get the storage and color scheme you were vying for.

To be clear, you can’t actually pre-order the device. If you follow the steps on Turing’s website, you’ll be asked for your color scheme and storage choice, and then for your name, email address, phone number and city. You’re never asked for your billing information.

Once you fill out the form, Turing will send you an email confirming the reservation, saying it’ll notify you when you can make your payment “once the final shipment date” for the devices is confirmed.

The phone starts at $610 for the 16GB model, followed by $740 and $870 for the 64GB and 128GB models respectively.

There’s no guarantee that going through these motions will actually ensure a phone gets to your hands, but it could at least help keep tabs on when you can actually expect the device to start shipping. It also helps Turing gauge which models are the most popular to stock up on.

➤ Turing Phone via Android Police

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