Visualoop relaunches as a community for elite infographic designers

Visualoop relaunches as a community for elite infographic designers

Infographics showcase Visualoop announced that it’s relaunching today as an invite-only community for top data visualization artists across the globe.

The revamped site is home to more than 120 award-winning data designers from established media outlets like the Washington Post, The New York Times and National Geographic.

Visualoop's new community site
Visualoop’s new community site

It currently hosts nearly 1,500 infographics and aims to become the go-to resource for quality data visualizations for publishers, design students seeking inspiration, as well as people who want to learn facts on various topics quickly.

While anyone can view, comment, favorite, and share the infographics, the new Visualoop community allows designers to join by invitation only, in order to assure the quality of uploaded content.

Each designer is given invitations to share with their peers and grow the showcase. Designers and agencies who would like to be featured can request a membership via [email protected]

Chiqui Esteban, deputy director for art graphics and maps at National Geographic said:

Visualoop is the most complete graphics showcase so far. First, because it’s demanding, so you know what you’re going to see is really worth the time.

Second, because it is very complete and allows you to search in different ways. And third, because it has an internal edition to alert you of what you shouldn’t miss. It’s also quite a good way to upload interactives.

The launch of this new community is an interesting development for Visualoop. It was acquired in 2014 by, a Latvian firm that offers an interactive infographics creation tool. Last year, the company also launched, a non-profit organization that aims to promote data literacy worldwide.

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