Want to know if that Amazon Prime Day price is actually a good deal? Use this tool

Want to know if that Amazon sale is actually a good one? As Prime Day turns into a sad, sordid joke — sales are still going on. A tool named camelcamelcamel will let you know if that leaf blower are actually a bargain.

Here’s how it works: you can either visit the camelcamelcamel (let’s just call it CCC, shall we?) website and enter an amazon item URL into search (or search for an item by name) , and CCC will show you pricing history of that item.

You can also download a browser extension for Chrome, Safari or Firefox for faster shopping. If you create an account, CCC will track everything on your Amazon wishlist, and offers a centralized place to track multiple items. The tool has been around for quite some time (as you could probably tell by the website interface), but it’s particularly useful on days like today.

Turns out, that lightning deal on a leaf blower is a good deal after all! According to CCC, the lowest price it’s ever been on amazon is right around $225. You can also compare to third party pricing around the Web, though CCC doesn’t let you know where it sourced information from.

Lightning deals are meant to get you buying; CCC is there to show you if you’re getting a deal or not. Shop wisely, friends.


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