Pebble Time Steel to begin shipping to backers later this month

Pebble Time Steel to begin shipping to backers later this month

If you’re one of the folks who hopped on to Pebble’s record-breaking Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign and opted to high-roll a bit, prepare your wrist: the company announced today that it will begin production of its swankier Pebble Time Steel this week, and start shipping out to backers in late July.

The Pebble Time Steel — which comes in silver, gunmetal black and gold — will ship to backers with a complementary leather band as well as a matching steel band. Pebble promised that backers will receive their shipments by the end of August, just slightly later than the company’s original July projection.

Like other Pebble models, the Time Steel will also make it to retail for non-backers. However, that fancy steel band will be sold as a separate accessory.

The entry-level version of Pebble’s first full-color watch began shipping in May, and the company mentioned that it had already fulfilled more than 95 percent of the 57,000 orders placed for that model. Non-backers can order the watch — which comes in black, white or red — via Best Buy.

Pebble Time Steel, Software Updates, and The ESPYs [Kickstarter]

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