Millennials: the best Silicon Valley company to work for is one you’ve probably never heard of

Millennials: the best Silicon Valley company to work for is one you’ve probably never heard of

So you’ve decided to pack up your college dorm or meager apartment to make it in the wide world of the Silicon Valley. Congrats! Tech companies require your fresh faces and unrelenting enthusiasm to help power them through to the next product release. But which companies are worth entering the Roman Coliseum of application processes for, and do they care about the Millennial way of life?

Thankfully, Fortune has done a service to the 2.8 million graduates that have just recently flooded the job market with its inaugural list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials. And if you’re itching to join the tech world, the hot company you should work for is one you likely have never heard of.

Workday, a Pleasanton-based publicly traded company that specializes in cloud-based HR and finance software, ranks 7th on Fortune’s list. Also placed at 22 on Fortune’s other list that tells you where to work, 100 Best Companies to Work For, Workday outranks other valley-based tech companies by a fair margin.

Companies that come within spitting distance are Google at 25 and Twitter at 31, underneath companies from a varying number of industries — including the 11th-place Chili’s Grill and Bar. Yes, the restaurant.

So what is it about Workday, a company that churns out HR software for other companies, that makes it the ideal landing spot for Millennials? The business magazine partnered with its longterm research group, Great Place to Work, to compile the list on finite methodology that expressly did not include all-you-can-eat snacks:

For the Millennials list, more than 90,000 employees were asked to evaluate and rate the practices of their employers. For each of the 465 companies that participated, at least 50 employees from every company were surveyed. There was no limit to the size or type of organization. Perks and benefits programs were not included as part of the ranking methodology and scoring was based entirely on employee feedback.

So, if you’re looking for happy colleagues, it seems that Workday fits the bill. The company calls its employees “workmates,” operates on an unlimited time off policy, and offers employee exchange programs in Dublin and Munich.

You’d still have to work out in Pleasanton, though, which seems to be something that Fortune did not account for.

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