Uber hires 100 Microsoft Bing engineers to help build up its mapping features

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Uber is set to complete an acquisition which will bring around 100 Microsoft Bing data collection engineers on board to help build Uber’s mapping network. The ridesharing network is also acquiring unnamed assets from Microsoft to help jumpstart its efforts.

Microsoft and Uber have confirmed the deal to TechCrunch, but have not discussed the terms.

Uber has been trying earnestly of late to build (or acquire) its own mapping features. The company recently acquired mapping software firm deCarta, and reportedly put in a hefty bid for Nokia’s HERE Maps.

With this move, it seems Uber is simply starting from the ground-up and creating its own mapping platform.

Speaking to Re/Code, Microsoft confirmed it would no longer be sourcing its own data for Bing maps. While Microsoft uses Nokia’s HERE maps (and various other sources) for its base layer map layout, it was collecting its own aerial, 3D and street view imagery. Those are the data collection assets it’s transferring to Uber.

Uber Acquires Part Of Bing’s Mapping Assets, Will Absorb Around 100 Microsoft Employees [TechCrunch]

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