New Facebook video tab will track the performance of posted movies

New Facebook video tab will track the performance of posted movies

Facebook admins already know that video is a big traffic booster. But it’s hard to quantify.

Now, Facebook has announced a new videos tab in its Page Insights that will give video publishers a better sense of how well videos are actually resonating with viewers at any given time.

A blog post by Facebook product manager Anaid Gomez-Ortigoza, details how it works.

The tab lets page admins see insights like Views and 30-second Views at the page level; top videos within a specified time frame and numbers associated with videos shared from other pages. Previously, page owners have only been able to see metrics on a per-video basis.


This lets page owners compare aggregated views and 30-second views within custom date ranges. You can now toggle between view types  — organic vs. paid, auto-played vs. clicked-to-play, and unique vs. repeat — to get a sense of audience activity and preferences.

You can also highlight a time frame to examine views from those dates for a better understanding of day-over-day viewing.


Facebook says these features will be available through Page Insights, data export and the Insights API in the coming weeks.

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