Tumblr’s Answer Time takes on Reddit’s celebrity AMAs

Tumblr’s Answer Time takes on Reddit’s celebrity AMAs

Tumblr and Reddit have something more to fight over than just who has the best GIFs. Tumblr is launching its own AMA (Ask Me Anything) platform for celebrities today with Answer Time.

Unlike Reddit’s AMA’s however, they aren’t completely live. Using Tumblr’s built in ‘Ask’ boxes, users can start asking the featured celebrities about all their deepest secrets a few days before they go live on the platform to start responding.

Fall Out Boy is the first of these to go live. You can visit their page to start asking questions now and they’ll respond on June 8 at 3 PM.


Other featured celebrities include Vic Mensa, Molly McAleer, Cecile Richards and David Karp, who will all host AMAs in the coming weeks.

It’s a neat way to take advantage of an extisting Tumblr feature, though there are some caveats. On Reddit, you can just sign up for a quick burner account to set up your AMA. Answer Time sessions are hosted on each celebrity’s own page, so Tumblr is less likely to encourage famous people without an account to sign up to be interviewed.

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