Bloxels will let you make a video game with no coding skills whatsoever

Bloxels will let you make a video game with no coding skills whatsoever

Bloxels, a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise a modest $40,000, promises to let even the most code-illiterate children and adults build video games.

Essentially, all you need to do is create a layout on the game board, and snap it with your tablet or smartphone camera. Once you’ve done that, you can use the Bloxels app to customize all the elements and play the level through.


While building it, each of the different blocks represent different in-game items.

The project comes from Pixel Press, which has some experience in delivering games without coding skills. Although its previous versions did require some sort of drawing ability, this one does not.

And in true gamification of the gamification process, as you play through levels you’ve created, you can earn coins and gems to unlock new features and environments. You can also combine more than one board to create a bigger play area.

Multi-board games

To give backers an idea of what’s achievable, the company has already created one game – Brave Squad for Bloxels.


In each set, there’s a board, 250 blocks and a guide book. Early bird Bloxel packs are $40 for the first 100, with the price then rising to $50.

Even though Bloxels has previously delivered game-based projects, we’d always still caution that it’s ‘buyer beware’ when backing any crowdfunding project.

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