Automatic launches an updated ‘smart car’ dongle and third-party app gallery

Automatic launches an updated ‘smart car’ dongle and third-party app gallery

Automatic has updated its in-dash Bluetooth dongle and introduced a new app gallery.

For the uninitiated, Automatic is a small plug-in device that communicates with your vehicle’s on-board system, then relates its findings to your smartphone via an accompanying app.

The new hardware still plugs right into the OBD port in your car, but now offers bank-level 128-bit AES encryption for all Bluetooth transmissions to your smartphone. Each adapter also has a unique digital key to prevent unauthorized access.

Automatic also has a crash detection system, making use of an accelerometer in the dongle to scan 360-degrees 100 times per second. It won’t prevent a crash, but it will allow Automatic to know when to send help.

The new hardware allows your smartphone to chat with the Automatic dongle, but third-party apps can also send and receive info from Automatic as well in real-time.

Apps for documenting your expenses, scheduling a mechanic to come to your house when the check engine light comes on, or parking ticket avoidance are all featured in Automatic’s app gallery. You can also link your Automatic dongle/app with Nest to heat or cool your home before you arrive.

The new dongle is $99, and available now via Automatic.


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