Meet Grizzler, the dog Nikon turned into a photographer

It’s not the first dog photography harness – check out GoPro’s Fetch mount – but Nikon’s experimental Heartography set up is a little different.

As the name suggests, it measures the pooch’s heart rate to grab snaps when they’re most excited. That could mean you get lots of lovely pictures of steak, other cute dogs and cool toys or just a cavalcade of buttholes.

Screenshot 2015-05-18 14.11.34

The rig is made up of two parts – a heart monitoring band and case for the camera – with the ability to tweak the heart rate level that triggers the shutter.

While it’s unlikely to become a product you can actually buy, I really like Grizzler, who becomes Nikon’s ‘phoDOGrapher’ in the clip.


Heartography [Nikon via Engadget]

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