Gibbon relaunches as a collaborative bookmark library for your team

Gibbon relaunches as a collaborative bookmark library for your team

Gibbon, which originally launched as a way to easily map out learning a new skill, has relaunched as a bookmark sharing tool for your company.

The new Gibbon focuses on saving links, like Pocket, except in a much more collaborative way for companies. Once your team is invited in, they’re able to create collections of articles and add comments on why it’s worth reading, then share them with colleagues.

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Your team can go public with saved collections of links, as a reading list for people outside the company. The Next Web, for example, could curate a list of “must reads” every week and share the link with the world.

There’s a browser extension for quickly saving to Gibbon, as well as a bookmarklet option. When you click a saved link, you’ll see the comment attached to it first, so you get context before you read the article.

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I asked Gibbon why it pivoted away from educational content. It told me that “while growing the open version of Gibbon, we kept getting more and more requests from companies asking if they could use Gibbon internally.”

As it looked into the opportunity, it “found a problem that in most cases colleagues share content on a daily basis, but links and content often get lost in chats, emails and other platforms.”

The new Gibbon aims to help surface and make sense of that content which often gets lost in the noise.

My testing suggests Gibbon has great potential as a Pocket competitor for companies. I’ve definitely struggled in the past to get interesting links noticed among the chatter in startups. The service is a little light on features right now, but if you’re looking for an easy way to share information and links, it’s a great choice.

In the future, Gibbon plans to allow you to create your own content on the platform directly for adding to a collection, provide analytics and integrate with other platforms.

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