Mass data-collection is back on the cards in the UK

Mass data-collection is back on the cards in the UK

The ‘Snooper’s Charter‘ could be looming on the horizon again in the UK. The newly-elected Conservative government has already indicated it wants to boost mass-surveillance powers by requiring ISPs and mobile network operators to keep records of customers’ Web and social media use, emails, voice calls, online gaming activity and text messages for a year.

Privacy International’s Carly Nyst, quoted by the Guardian, says:

“(Home Secretary) Theresa May’s comments confirm that widespread public concern about the threats posed to online privacy and expression by internet monitoring powers has been completely ignored by the new government.”

Just this week, mass collection of phone records by the NSA was ruled illegal in the USA. Given how blasé many Brits are about being kept tabs on by their own side’s spies, I hope the UK doesn’t sleepwalk into a surveillance state.

Theresa May to revive her 'snooper's charter' now Lib Dem brakes are off on The Guardian

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