Foursquare leverages its geolocation technology with Location Cloud and Places

Foursquare leverages its geolocation technology with Location Cloud and Places

Foursquare is taking advantage of its geolocation prowess to target businesses with two new platforms: Foursquare Location Cloud and Places by Foursquare.

Location Cloud is essentially a collection of all of Foursquare’s data, including “massive amounts of smartphone sensor data” to help businesses predict and identify customer patterns. This is technology the company is leveraging in its recently-announced Pinpoint marketing platform to accurately target users based on habits and trends.

Location Cloud

Places is also part of the Location Cloud, but more specifically covers Foursquare’s repository of interesting locations and businesses – about 65 million total, including information from Microsoft, Pinterest, Twitter and Garmin.

Foursquare Places

It also includes information on each location’s popularity over time to provide insight beyond just an address or map coordinate. Developers can even opt for customized data sets tailored to their specific needs.

Foursquare has been on a bit of revamp as of late, both reincorporating features from its pre-split check-in heyday into Swarm, while finally using its location prowess for some extra revenue with today’s new features. While it may not be as popular as when check-ins were its bread-and-butter, licensing its technology is a solid choice to keep the company moving forward.

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Foursquare Location Cloud and Places via TechCrunch

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