Google acquires smart calendar maker Timeful

Google acquires smart calendar maker Timeful

Google’s getting more serious about its calendar and task management tools; the company has acquired Timeful.

If you’re not familiar, Timeful launched an iOS app last July that drew on academic research on behavioral science to help you better organize and prioritize tasks on your calendar, creating a sort of calendar/to-do list hybrid.

As the software learns your habits and schedule, it automatically prioritizes and allocates tasks around your free time.. You can also train it to prioritize good habits, such as going to the gym three times a week.

For now, Timeful is only available on iOS, but the app maker says to expect its features – whether as a standalone app, or integrated into Google products like Calendar or Keep – to start showing up on Android devices soon.

Time is on your side—welcoming Timeful to Google [Gmail Blog]

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