Watch now: The DNA of innovation

Watch now: The DNA of innovation

How do you accelerate innovation? The answer lies within the ability to bring companies, startups, agencies, clients, and budgets together.

Traditionally, advertising agencies wanted to work with big companies because they brought big names and big budgets. But lately, agencies have discovered the great innovation potential of startups and started to chase them.

We’ve just added Craig Le Grice’s talk on this topic from the TNW Europe Conference 2013 to our TNW Video site and you can watch it right now for free

Craig thinks that the future is not about buying and selling, because selling is becoming a forced idea that we need to stop. The future is about needs and ideas, and innovations that enable the connection between the two. Where the need and the idea meet, that is the sweet spot for entrepreneurs. As much as CFOs hate that approach, Craig thinks that the shift is inevitable.

What does it take for companies to be innovative? And how do you make advertising agencies chase you? Watch Craig’s seven ways of how to innovate to find out.

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