Uber adds auto rickshaws in New Delhi to allow for its first cash payments

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Uber announced today that it’s making auto rickshaws available to users in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

The new UberAUTO service lets riders hail a rickshaw with the app and pay for their trip in cash only, with no extra fees.


Uber told The Next Web last year that it would consider accepting other modes of payment. The launch of UberAUTO marks the first time Uber has accepted cash payments for rides on its platform.

Opening up to cash payments could mean easier adoption of Uber’s service for riders in India, where credit cards aren’t as commonly used as in Western markets. Rival cab services like Ola have always accepted cash and recently began allowing users to pre-load mobile wallets for cashless payments.

In New Delhi, Uber is running in a ‘no profit’ mode until it secures approval from local transport authorities for its ridesharing platform. In order to comply with existing government regulations, it doesn’t charge its drivers any commission on trips in the city.

Uber’s expansion to offer autorickshaw rides could certainly help it garner more customers and get them accustomed to using its app, so they have an active customer base when it’s ready to relaunch its services in their original form.

The service is yet to reach the other 10 Indian cities that Uber operates in.

Delhi: Your UberAUTO Is Arriving Now [Uber Blog]

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