Imgur now lets you embed images, GIFs and albums anywhere

Imgur now lets you embed images, GIFs and albums anywhere

Imgur has been adding a slew of functionality to its platform recently and today it’s introducing another feature that will be particularly handy for bloggers looking to share some GIFs and cute animal photos: embedded images.

You’ll now see a new embed link on Imgur posts (under ‘Post Options’) that’ll provide you with some code you can paste onto your site. Once posted, the embed will include any relevant credits, as well as the number of views and comments on a photo. Naturally, it’ll link back to the original post as well.

Imgur says the new image embeds are made with responsive design in mind, meaning they’ll look good whether you’re on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. They support stills, animated images and slideshows.

The embed tool should streamline posting images onto your blog with proper attribution, while providing some peace of mind on copyright; images are still hosted on Imgur, so any potential DMCA takedowns would fall on the image host, not you.



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