Watch this: What makes a great company great? Culture.

Watch this: What makes a great company great? Culture.

What makes a great company? Is it the people? The products? The technology?

Julia Hartz, the co-founder of Eventbrite, thinks it is the people. In her talk, she discusses the challenges of developing and sustaining company’s culture. We’ve just added her talk from TNW Europe Conference 2013 to TNW Video and you can watch it right now for free.

Together with two other co-founders, she started Eventbrite in 2006. For a few years, they remained a small team but then grew from 30 to 100 people in less than a year. Companies with such rapid growth can go down a path where they lose their identity.

Julia’s goal was to develop a culture that would never stop evolving and that employee would want to live in. She succeeded in creating a happy culture, but she also learnt some important lessons along the way, like a happy culture does not necessarily mean a profitable culture. The company was happy, but did not make its sales goals that year.

How do you prevent creating a happy but underperforming company? And what is the secret of hiring the right people? Watch Julia’s talk to find out.

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