Watch this: How Wolfram Alpha makes sense of our world

Watch this: How Wolfram Alpha makes sense of our world

Have you ever wondered how Wolfram Alpha works? If so, you’re in for a treat.

Stephen Wolfram, the CEO of Wolfram Alpha, explains the algorithmic capabilities behind Wolfram Alpha. It is powered by massive data sets — so much that it cannot be simply retrieved from sources on the internet. Stephen Wolfram even states that “there actually isn’t enough data on the Web to get all of the things we need.”

To make sense of the data, Wolfram Alpha must both compute custom answers (and not simply search for them), and of course, natural language processing plays a major role in understanding what’s asked.

We’ve just added Stephen Wolfram’s talk at the 2013 TNW Europe Conference to our TNW Video site and you can watch it right now for free.

Stephen demonstrates some cool tricks that Wolfram Alpha can do as well as different input that can be processed. He also discusses the future that shifts to mobile and predictive analytics.

Do you wonder what is the future of quantum computing? And do you want to see the cool tricks that Wolfram Alpha does? Watch the video to find out.

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