YouTube is testing smooth 60fps video streaming in ultra high-def 4K resolution

YouTube 60fps4K

YouTube announced support for smooth 60 frames per second (fps) video playback last October. Now, TechCrunch reports that the streaming platform is experimenting with high frame rate 4K video.

The effect is nothing short of stunning. In addition to sharper video, movement appears far smoother than at more common frame rates of 24fps and 30fps. Play either video below, click the gear icon and choose the high-resolution, high frame rate stream option.

Of course, you’ll need a powerful PC running a display at 3840×2160 (4K) resolution to properly check out YouTube’s example videos.

YouTube hasn’t yet opened up support for high-resolution 60fps videos for users just yet, but hopefully enough views on this short playlist of six test videos will convince the company to do so.

YouTube Is Experimenting With Ultra High Def, Ultra Smooth Video Playback — Here Are The Examples [TechCrunch]

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