Facebook’s Parse announces new SDKs for the ‘Internet of Things’

Facebook’s Parse announces new SDKs for the ‘Internet of Things’

Facebook’s mobile app development platform, Parse, is about to enter you home. At its F8 conference today, the company announced Parse is coming to the ‘Internet of Things.’

Parse currently supports Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile operating systems, as well as OSX, Windows, Javascript, .NET, Unity, PHP and Xamarin software. The new Internet of Things approach greatly expands the range of devices the platform works with.

This isn’t completely new for Parse thoughl; it’s been working with things other than smartphones and tablets – like Arduino’s – for a while now.

The transition makes sense; connectivity isn’t just limited to smartphones and computers anymore. Smarter versions of kitchen appliances, light bulbs and even garage doors pop up everyday; it’s up to developers to figure out how they can use their connectivity to deliver a better product.

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