Twitter simplifies filing police reports on threatening users

Twitter simplifies filing police reports on threatening users

After acknowledging that it has a harassment problem and subsequently releasing new policies and procedures to combat abuse, Twitter is also now rolling out a more efficient way to report threats to the police.

Now, when you file a report on a threatening tweet, you’ll see an option to send yourself a copy of your report via email. Once you click “Email report,” you’ll receive a message with the threatening tweet, its URL, the responsible user’s account name and URL, as well as your own information and a timestamp.


The message will also ask police officers to refer to the company’s Law Enforcement Guidelines for information on how to request more information if needed.

Here’s a sample of what the report looks like:



It’s a simple addition, but it should make it a lot easier for users to print out and deliver to the respective authorities when reporting an abusive user.

➤  Making it easier to report threats to law enforcement [Twitter Blog]

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