Dyson wants to double your phone’s battery life

Dyson wants to double your phone’s battery life

Dyson, a UK company better known for vacuum cleaners than phone batteries, has announced today that it is investing $15 million in a project to create a new battery that aims to double smartphone battery life.

The project is being headed by Sakit3 – an innovative battery company that is an off-shoot from the University of Michigan. The new lithium-ion batteries are being developed with solid-state technology so they could store twice as much energy as the batteries typically used in smartphones today. Sakit3 has said this approach is safer and more cost efficient for manufacturers as well.

Battery life is something that everyone is acutely aware of. And it could be argued that the lithium-ion batteries being used today haven’t kept pace with the times. While handsets as a whole have advanced at a rapid rate, the batteries powering them have been slower to develop. If Dyson and Sakit3 succeed in this project, it will certainly be a welcome improvement for smartphones and tablets alike.

There is no definitive release date yet, but with the backing of a major manufacturer like Dyson, the startup will surely find it easier to take this product from prototype to market.

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