Skimlinks unveils new insights feature to help publishers optimize their affiliate revenue

Skimlinks unveils new insights feature to help publishers optimize their affiliate revenue

Skimlinks, the company that lets Website owners monetize their content by linking to affiliate products when mentioned on a page, is revealing a new reporting feature for its customers.

Called Publisher Insights, the tool provides detailed information on a page’s performance and the behavior of its readers.

There are two main aspects to the functionality being unveiled today:

Product Insights

Product Reports provides a holistic view of the products and merchants that were the most effective over the past month. Publishers are then able to see the top products both on their own pages and within the entirety of Skimlinks’ network.

Page Insights

Next up is Pages Report, which provides insight on a customer’s best and worst performing pages. Here publishers can differentiate between the pages that might monetize well, but have low traffic, and glean some ideas on how to drive more readers to underperforming pages.

It’ll also advise you in the converse situation, where pages receive a lot of traffic but aren’t amassing much revenue. You’ll be given advice on how to optimize links to be more clickable.

The change comes in light of a constantly adjusting approach to advertising on the Web, with commercial content being more naturally integrated with standard editorial content. Skimlinks calls this new approach ‘Comtent,’ and it represents everything from deal posts to gift guides.

The company is offering the new tools as both a Web dashboard and a custom-tailored service for its top performing customers.


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