Lenovo’s website was hacked and it’s kind of amazing

Lenovo’s website was hacked and it’s kind of amazing

Lizard Squad has allegedly taken over Lenovo’s website right now, posting what seems to be a slideshow of pictures of the hackers dressed up, set to “Breaking Free” from High School Musical.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 10.20.21 am

It’s kind of a bizarre defacing and couldn’t come at a worse time for the company. The attack comes the news last week that Lenovo was loading malicious software onto consumer PCs.


When the slideshow is clicked, it redirects to Lizard Squad’s Twitter account. Viewing the source of the site reveals a note that says “the new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey.”

Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey have been previously identified as members of Lizard Squad.

The attack appears to be a DNS hijacking that redirected traffic to Cloudflare rather than Lenovo’s own servers, as some people can still see the normal Lenovo website.



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