Snapchat’s new music feature isn’t perfect, but it’s leading the way for mobile-first content creators

Snapchat’s new music feature isn’t perfect, but it’s leading the way for mobile-first ...

Snapchat has finally solved the issue of integrating music with video posts. Thanks to the newest update, you can now record a video while playing music on your phone and this will then play back in the video as well.

If you went to record a video before the update, any music you were playing would automatically pause. This is an issue that still looms over Vine, Instagram and the iPhone’s default camera, so Snapchat has certainly got an advantage.

Snapchat’s new feature works with iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Controversially, the update came after Snapchat blocked Mindie, an app that let users pick songs to accompany their videos.


What’s it like in use?

While this definitely makes for a bit of fun, it’s a little tricky to preview your new music-accompanied video without going out of the app to pause what you’re playing first. Or, of course, you could just post the video without previewing.

In our testing, it seemed to record music at a very high level, so if you were planning on talking over it, you might need to shout.

Having tested it out, there were some issues with the app crashing when trying to save them. It also took an average of two attempts to successfully add them to a story.

That being said, the ability to make musical snaps without using a second device is definitely an advantage for Snapchat and its growing community of content creators.

The feature has just rolled out on iOS, but has yet to appear in the Android version on Google Play.

With over 100 million users, the new update is sure to result in a lot of lip synching videos.

➤ Snapchat [iOS/Android]


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