Hulu introduces Watchlist for better content recommendations

Hulu introduces Watchlist for better content recommendations

Serving up useful recommendations is important for any streaming service, so Hulu is rolling out a new tool called Watchlist to do just that.

Hulu currently features three lists you can use to sort what content to watch: Queue, Favorites and Shows You Watch. Watchlist combines these three lists into a single contextual one that uses fancy algorithms to surface what the company thinks you’ll most want to watch next.


Watchlist will tailor its playlist based on your viewing habits, getting smarter the more you use it. For instance, if you tend to watch a series as soon as a new episode becomes available, Hulu will display that episode first. You can also add content to your list by clicking the ‘+’ or ‘add to Watchlist’ button on your device.

If you want to embark on a binge-session, there’s also a ‘Play All’ option to get you started.

Hulu is rolling out the feature to all users over the next year. That’s quite a large time frame, so the company is letting you sign up for the new tool right away if you don’t want to wait.

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