CASE Academy’s online CSI course wants to turn kids into forensics experts

CASE Academy’s online CSI course wants to turn kids into forensics experts

The ‘C’ in CSI stands for ‘crime’ rather than ‘child’ but if you know kids who are interested in science and might one day fancy a career in forensics, the CASE Academy could be right up their street. Or maybe you just want to take your own Serial podcast addiction to the next level.

The online school, which launched a Kickstarter campaign today, is putting together a faculty of teachers with experience at institutions including the US Department of Defense and FBI to teach CSI skills.

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The CASE Academy will offer six forensics-focused course modules: crime scene investigation; forensic anthropology; forensic pathology; forensic toxicology; ballistics and criminal psychology. If it hits its $150,000 target, it’ll add access to modules on cybersecurity and counterterrorism as stretch goals.

The courses will give students access to lectures and demonstrations from experts in each subject from institutions in the UK and US. They’ll also be able to watch live streamed talks from keynote speakers and panel discussions.

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Once wannabe forensics majors are up to speed, they’ll be able check their knowledge with multiple choice tests and bonus case studies based on real-life investigations. They’ll also get access to simulations and games that mimic environments covered by each model, including the autopsy room and traces laboratory.

As well as offering the six modules, the school is planning to give science teachers access to a comprehensive curriculum for three ages ranges: 11 to 13, 14 to 16, and 17 and above. It’ll offer lesson plans, classroom activities, printable handouts and materials lists. There are also plans for a community forum where schools can discuss topics further.

Backing the Kickstarter campaign with $25 will get you single user access to the school. As always with crowdfunding campaigns, it’s worth being cautious before you invest your cash but Forensic Outreach, which is behind the CASE Academy, is fairly well established. It’s aiming to launch the virtual school by February 2016.

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