The free version of OneNote 2013 for Windows now has no feature restrictions

The free version of OneNote 2013 for Windows now has no feature restrictions

Microsoft’s note-taking app is becoming better, if you’re a free user.

Nearly a year ago, Microsoft made OneNote 2013 free for Mac and Windows, but on Windows certain features were only available on the full app included with the Office Suite. These are now enabled for everyone – there is no longer a functional difference between the paid and free edition of OneNote.

This means all OneNote 2013 users will be able to:

  • Add password protection to specific sections of your documents
  • View prior versions of a page via Page History
  • Take notes while recording audio or video
  • Search for specific words in voice or video recordings
  • Embed other Office documents or files directly into their notebooks

Keep in mind that OneNote 2013 is different from the more touch-friendly Windows 8 version of OneNote; the former is a much more powerful desktop app included with the Office Suite, the other is a lighter Windows 8-specific app.

Chances are Microsoft is making the change in anticipation of revised versions of OneNote for both Office 2016 and the universal Office for Windows 10 apps – which work on both desktop and mobile – coming out later this year. Still, the extra functionality will certainly be welcome among current OneNote 2013 users.

You can download the updated free edition of OneNote 2013 now.

➤ OneNote is now (even more) free! [Office Blog]

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