Amazon’s Giveaway tool lets anyone create a contest

Amazon’s Giveaway tool lets anyone create a contest

Amazon has introduced a nifty new tool to allow customers to hold their own giveaways.

Anyone with an Amazon account can choose prizes from the company’s catalog and host a contest on the site for free.


To create a giveaway, you need to select up to 50 prizes – items have to ship from to be eligible and the total value is limited to $5,000 – and enter your contest details. You then receive a shareable link.

It’s a neat addition that makes a lot of practical sense.  Giveaways are a great way to build audiences and engagement, but some of the people who would most benefit from them – independent artists, small brands or schools, for instance – might not be able to afford the time or money to create them on their own. Amazon Giveaway handles the rules, design and shipping for you.

In celebration of the new tool, Amazon is running several giveaways of its own. If you’d rather create one yourself, you can get started at

➤ Introducing Amazon Giveaway – The First Self-Service Giveaway Tool [Amazon]

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