ARM’s upcoming processors can handle 4K video at 120fps

ARM’s upcoming processors can handle 4K video at 120fps

In the neverending quest for our phones to become more powerful, ARM has today announced a new set of mobile processors supposed to bring significantly improved handling of graphics and media.

In particular, the new Cortex A72 processor comes with some serious video chops. It can record 4K video at 120fps, when most of today’s devices cannot exceed 30fps. ARM claims an overall 50 times performance bump over leading smartphones from five years ago, or 3.5 times that of its Cortex A15 line (as seen in the Galaxy S5).

That processor will be boosted by a new Mali T880 GPU, with which the company claims a “console-like” experience for mobile devices, or 1.8 times the performance of today’s chips. The T880 also natively supports 4K content.

These performance improvements come thanks to to a new 16nm chipmaking process, which should also help your phone last a bit longer; ARM also expects the A72 to improve upon energy efficiency from 2014 processors by 75 percent when “matching performance”.

Don’t expect to see devices with the new chips anytime soon though; the A72 should begin showing up in smartphones in 2016.

➤ ARM Sets New Standard for the Premium Mobile Experience [ARM]

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