Vine Masher lets you create easily shareable playlists

Vine Masher lets you create easily shareable playlists

Vine’s 6 second video length makes it easy to binge watch dozens of loops at a time, but sharing multiple videos with your friends can be a bit cumbersome.

A new tool called Vine Masher makes your life easier by letting you create a linkable playlist. You can also search through mashups other users have made.


To create your own Mash, just enter relevant terms into a search field, then drag up to 9 results into a grid timeline. You can also add clips to a “hotlist” to store them for later.


Once you’re done, you simply need to save your Mash, and you’ll be presented with a grid that auto-plays the Vines in order; it all works quickly and smoothly. You’ll need to connect Vine Masher to your Twitter account before you can share anything, however.

Although you can make interesting mashups as is, it’s a shame the tool doesn’t provide an option to display one Vine at a time in sequential order. This would provide Viners with an easy way to circumvent the platform’s six second limit to tell longer stories, especially given Vine Masher allows you to trim individual clips.

Still, Vine Masher certainly makes sharing multiple Vines more convenient, so it’s worth a look if you’re a heavy user of the platform.

Vine Masher

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