LinkedIn’s Connected contacts app arrives on Android

LinkedIn’s Connected contacts app arrives on Android

Back in July, LinkedIn created Connected to replace its Contacts app on iOS. Today, the app finally arrives on Android.

keeptrackConnected is meant to be smarter than your average phonebook app, letting you know about shared interests and other details you have in common with the people in your network, in addition to functionality you’d expect from LinkedIn such as news on work promotions or job changes.

As with the iOS iteration, the app uses a card interface to let you look through contacts and notifications. The app will also sync with your calendar to keep you up to date on birthdays and activities. Android users have the additional benefit of being able to view insights right from their home page thanks to a widget.

You can grab Connected for Android on the Play Store right now.

➤ Strengthen Your Professional Relationships with LinkedIn’s New Connected App for Android [LinkedIn]

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