Dropbox received 275 government requests for user data in the past six months

Dropbox received 275 government requests for user data in the past six months

With increasing concerns about government access to user data, tech companies try to appease us with reports on how frequently they’re asked to turn over information on users. Dropbox today released its own semiannual transparency report.

In the time period from July 1 through December 31 of 2014, the company notes 275 requests for user information (slightly up from 268 last semester). The reports now include requests from outside of the US – 20 of those came from other countries.

Those requests covered 1,018 accounts (a warrant can include more than one account). Dropbox responded with information on 789 of these, although in most of these no content was actually produced.


Dropbox says it notifies users about requests unless legally prohibited from doing so. That seems to be low percentage, however: out of the 789 accounts affected, it notified only 178 of them.

The company suggests it will continue fighting governments when they try to keep requests under-the-radar and intends to work towards legal reform towards maintaining user privacy.

You can read the transparency report for yourself here.

➤ Transparency Report: Updating our disclosures for the second half of 2014 [Dropbox]

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