This bluetooth gadget makes it easy to record your calls

This bluetooth gadget makes it easy to record your calls

Recording phone calls is something that’s incredibly handy if you’re a journalist, have a bad memory or simply want to be able to prove a conversation took place, but it’s pretty hard even with smartphones.

Bluewire, a new Bluetooth device being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, promises to make recording every phone call a whole lot easier. The device can function as a standalone headset or as an add on to the one you’ve already got. This is awesome, because it means it’ll work with car handsfree systems, along with your computer as well.


When using with an existing headset, the device sits between your phone and existing bluetooth headset and quietly records your calls in the best quality possible.

It records up to 1,000 hours of audio, which can be accessed via a mobile application. In addition to storing recordings, the app logs the time and date of the call, along with caller ID information for easier retrieval later.

For Android users, once you’ve finished a call, you’re even able to immediately transfer it to your device via NFC by tapping it to the phone.


Avi Gilor, the man behind the device, knows this area well. Gilor spent twenty years working undercover building devices for government agencies, including miniaturized video and audio monitoring devices.

Gilor is as close to being a gadget spy-guy from the movies as you can get with his background and funnily enough, he “grew up on the Bond movies.” Even his Skype username alludes to his background.

Bluewire is Gilor’s first consumer product, but he’s confident it’ll do well because the other options available to consumers are simply too difficult to use. There are a number of apps that promise voice recording, Gilor says, but most don’t work as advertised despite getting over 50 million downloads.

The team behind Bluewire is made up of eight engineers and the device works up to 33 feet away from your phone. Gilor told me over Skype that this isn’t about the money for him. Instead, he wants to make the best product users would want to see.

Recording audio is a sketchy legal area in some locations; some countries require you to notify the receiving party that you’re recording, while others only require one party to be aware of the recording.

Bluewire is laden with features; it’s got wireless charging (Gilor tells me it was pretty tricky to get this right), an accelerometer, the ability to find your phone or keys if the device is attached to them and more.


To get Bluewire off the ground, Gilor has launched it on Indiegogo with a goal to raise $40,000. The team needs the money to finalize the product and get the software stable before shipping to backers in July. Gilor says it’s a real product, but it needs that last push to get it across the line.

If you’ve been looking for a better way to record your phone calls, Bluewire could be perfect for you.

➤ Bluewire [Indiegogo]

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