GoPro footage to be shown during live NHL games starting this weekend

GoPro footage to be shown during live NHL games starting this weekend

Cameras like GoPro have changed the way we watch sports videos, offering a first person perspective or other interesting angles. These devices have mainly been associated with action sports like skateboarding and mountain biking, however; we’ve rarely seen them in major sports leagues.

That’ll change this year, as GoPro has partnered with the NHL to provide HD ‘helmet-cam’ content during live games, giving fans more intimate views of players’ movements than previously possible.  The devices will make use of the company’s recently-introduced Professional Broadcast Solution to be integrated with the rest of the on-site cameras.

Of course, hockey is a prime sport for GoPro to dabble with – players all need to wear helmet. Still, it’s interesting to see GoPro expanding into more mainstream sports; maybe the tiny cameras will show up in other leagues eventually. Viewers will begin noticing the new perspectives starting today with the NHL’s All-Star Weekend.

➤ NHL, NHLPA Partner With GoPro To Deliver Hockey Fans Unique Perspectives Of The Game [GoPro]

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